What Is A Typical Class Like?

ZUMBA is so fun you will want to do it everyday. It’s been called “exercise in disguise”, and is more of a dance party than an exercise class! ZUMBA is an effective cardio fitness class that will have you burning approximately 500-700 calories in an hour! Most importantly, you’ll stick with it because it’s so much fun. You don’t even need to have any fitness or dance experience!

One of the best aspects of a ZUMBA class is the music! ZUMBA utilizes some of the hottest Latin and International music around! The class dances through a series of songs while the instructor demonstrates modifications for those who are deconditioned, or who might just want a slower pace. The variety of Latin and International music you’ll hear in a ZUMBA class keeps it fresh, exciting and a little different everytime so you’ll never get bored. You’ll have such a good time, you’ll be surprised when the class is over!!

Still curious about what a class full of ZUMBA enthusiasts looks like? Check out this HOT new video on the official ZUMBA Fitness YouTube channel! Okay, so perhaps it’s not “typical” for Wetumpka (LOL!) but it still gives a great demo of what the ZUMBA moves and music are like:

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