Problems at Thursday Night’s Class: Good News and Bad News…

Let me begin by saying that the debut Zumba classes this week have been UH-MAY-ZING!! This has been an incredible experience for me, and I’d like to thank everyone who came out to make the class such a huge success! But unfortunately, I now have the unpleasant duty of enforcing one of my rules, which I’m sure will make some people unhappy but it has to be done.

I received several complaints about the children in attendance on Thursday. A few people were worried about accidentally hitting them while dancing, and others expressed some very valid concerns about running into one of them, or tripping and falling over them as they ran around. Myoriginal stance was that children under the age of 10-12 years would not be allowed to attend, simply because their attention spans can’t handle an hour-long exercise class that is designed for adults. I did try to relax that rule just to see what would happen, and I must admit that even I was distracted by the extra noise and activity. And those poor moms! I’m certain that they could hardly achieve an effective workout while having to chase their children at the same time. 😦

So, since I am unable to provide child care (I am merely using Santuck’s space), I must ask all particpants to leave their little ones at home. To be consistent, I have even told my own daughter that she may no longer attend. My concern is for everyone’s safety, children and participants alike! Thank you for understanding!

BUT– I did mention that there is GOOD NEWS! Zumba does have a children’s program (called “Zumbatomic”) specifically designed for 4-to-12 year olds, and I am already lined up to get this specialty license! When I do, parents and children will be able to exercise together and enjoy the Zumba experience in an atmosphere more suitable for young children! Yippee!!!

Would you be interested in having a 30 to 45 minute children’s Zumbatomic class at Santuck? Take the poll below and let me know!! If there is enough interest, I will make it happen!! ZUMBA LOVE!!! ~Anne-Marie


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